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Client Testimonials

He was a wonderful anchor, kept me in clarity and action focus about my goals, while being safe place for me to process all of the change, and make sense of it all.

My international coaching call w Isaiah Is  my favourite day of the week ! 

Isaiah holds a safe space for me to be myself, learn, dream and grow! He works with and embraces my individual challenges and aspirations, and is soo generous with his knowledge, tools and encouragement. 

Working with Isaiah has opened up a door to a world and state of mind I didn’t know existed! 

Isaiah is such a valuable human making  a profoundly positive impact in my life and so many more lives! #lifechanging #Gratitude 

Isaiah’s biggest strengths are his presence, unconventional angles in seeing various situations (which can be very helpful in snapping one out of a mental loop), wisdom, and his dedication to the field of mental health.

If you're looking for someone who is kind and compassionate and who will treat you like your issues and problems are valid, Isaiah is the coach you want. Other coaches I've had experience with can be very shrill, and in a sense, their delivery can feel like shaming.

Isaiah's ability to engage and connect with clients is astonishing. For some clients, he may be the only person from whom they are getting validation. He is sensitive and direct, always positive. Now when I hear myself talk badly to myself, I correct it. Because I know he would. He makes everything sound so simple, so doable, and having him on one's side is not only life-changing, but life-saving.

Isaiah's superpowers are his quick mind/ability to cut to what matters, and his warm presence. Apart from being very insightful and competent, he is alot of fun, too. This makes big topics much more playful and safe to navigate. He is excellent at holding safe and goal oriented space for healing and progeess. I highly recommend him.

I've gained many extremely helpful insights into past and present behaviors, which have led me to care for myself in more productive and positive ways. I'm interacting with people now in more effective and authentic ways. I'm more comfortable in situations involving people because I feel better about myself. I'm more prepared to deal with future relationships in healthy ways that protect and support my boundaries.

Isaiah helped me to stay focused on what was important. There are so many distractions from day to day and little things can become your main focus. I tend to let ALL of life get in the way of progress towards my goals. Isaiah asked questions that made me think about how I was processing information from my daily interactions. This was very helpful to me.

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